The Cross is a Graven Image and Murder Weapon

The Messiah is NOT the cross and the cross is NOT the Messiah. It is a graven image that violates God's 2nd commandment that He specifically prohibits to create or venerate and furthermore It is the cruel and sadistic torture and murder weapon that killed the Son of God.

Putting this into perspective, imagine if a loved one of yours was killed by a knife or gun would you wear a miniature version of it on your neck or mount one on your wall as a reminder of your loved one? Of course not - it would be psychotic to do so - then WHY do you think it's proper to wear or hang a symbol of the very murder weapon that tortured and killed the Son of God??? Why would you kneel or pray to the symbol of what was used to torture and kill Him??? Why would you have the symbol of His torture and murder weapon blessed??? Why would you make the 4 pointed sign of the cross on your person??? You are literally paying homage and tribute to the barbaric torture and killing of the Messiah because HE is not a 4 pointed symbol. No such thing to do this or carry this satanic relic is found in the Bible - the Evil One has deceived you in the worst way.

Besides the above to consider, the great irony is that the Messiah DID NOT die on a cross - Linguistics of original scripture, the Shroud of Turin and science proves He was nailed to a stake. 

Do not let anyone deceive you and no matter how much you're in denial, the above is TRUE and the FACTS. Do the right thing - throw whatever crosses you have as jewelry or mounted on walls away immediately into the nearest trash or waste bin where they belong.


1.  The Cross and the Father's 2nd Commandment
2.  Origin of the Cross Symbol
3.  John Paul II Crucifix Kills Individual
4.  Messiah Nailed to a Stauros (Pole / Stake) - Not a Cross
5.  Science and the Shroud of Turin Proves Messiah Nailed to a Stake

The Cross Deception and The Nazarene Code

When you keep the Law (Torah), one of the 2 conditions to enter the Kingdom of Heaven, we are required to follow the Father's 2nd Commandment:

             "8You shall not make for yourself an idol, or any likeness of what is in heaven above or on the earth 
              beneath or in the water under the earth.
 9You shall not worship them
 or serve them; for I, the LORD 
              your God, am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers on the children, and on the third and 
              the fourth generations of those who hate Me".
  Deuteronomy 5:8

What part of the Father's commandment is it that Christians don't understand?

What is a cross?  It's a graven image.

I brought this up to a pastor once and his reply was, "well, it's what it symbolizes".  Exactly - it represents agonizing torture and death. It was a murder weapon used against Yashaya and hundreds if not thousands others. 


Take a moment to think of this... if one of your most beloved family members was killed by a gun or knife, would you place a copy of the weapon on your walls to remember them by?   If your best friend was crushed in a vehicular accident, would you 
wear a small mangled replica of the car around your neck? The answer to both is obviously not.  It's insane to even think such a thing. So why is it alright to do the exact same thing when it comes to the Messiah? It was the torture and murder weapon used to kill our Savior.  Would you make the symbol of a gun or a knife if you were to think of a loved one killed by either of those weapons?  Of course not - It's not only an insane thing to do - it violates His Father's 2nd commandment to NOT make an image to worship.  There are no exceptions given. 

When this blunt-truth reality hit me, I threw every cross I had away regardless of their cost, size or who had given them to me.  I believe it is a symbol of the beast that has been around well before the crucifixion of the Messiah.  It's a murder weapon Christianity has venerated for hundreds of years which itself has been around since the ancient Egyptians.

When you see satanists and illuminist singers and actors wearing a cross - they did not have a sudden conversion to belief in God - the are venerating the murder weapon used to kill the Messiah.  It's the image of the Beast inspired by Lucifer. Think about it.

The following article is incredibly ironic to say the least and telling in its profound implications - If "John Paul II's" extremely vague and unprovable "grounds" which were used to canonize his "sainthood" what can be said of this event as to how it applies to him and the meaning of the cross itself - a torture and murder weapon used during the Roman occupation and ironically its impact in Italy today?

Origin of the Cross Symbol

                               Babylonian Priest of Baal
                                                Catholic Priests of Baal

If "Pope" John Paul II was given "sainthood" for vague connections to two individuals "cured" of an ailment, should not his "sainthood" be cancelled for the death of an individual attributed to a cross dedicated to him?

Giant Pope John Paul II Crucifix Collapses And Kills Young Man In Italy

The manner the Messiah was actually executed:

Science Proves the Messiah was Nailed to a Stake in a  "Y" Position and not a "T" Position 
as on a Cross


The Shroud is a 14ft (4.3 metre) long piece of linen that appears to show the faint imprint of a man bearing wounds consistent with crucifixion. 

Some people believe it shows the image of Jesus of Nazareth, while others think it is a medieval forgery of cloth wrapped around a body after crucifixion.The Shroud is the most studied artefact in human history but its age remains in dispute.

Radiocarbon dating of the cloth carried out by the University of Oxford in 1998 found it was only 728 years old. Regardless of whether the Shroud is Biblical or medieval, Matteo Borrini at Liverpool John Moores University told New Scientist that ‘it’s a very interesting piece of art and human ingenuity’.

 Crucifixion painting by Jacob Jordaens (17th century) in Saint Andrew's cathedral

piece of art and human ingenuity’.

He set out to find whether the ‘bloodstains’ on the left arm matched up with the flow of blood from a crucified person.

To investigate, another researcher from the University of Pavia, Italy, assumed different crucifixion poses while donated blood trickled down his arm from a place where the shroud shows a nail was hammered through the hand.

The duo found that the ‘blood’ marks on the shroud correspond to a crucifixion – but only if a person was nailed onto a cross in a ‘Y’ position instead of a ‘T’ position, as depicted in most Christian art. 

The scientists set out to find whether the 'bloodstains' on the Turin Shroud flow of blood from a crucified person.  By safely simulating different positions of crucifixion they worked out that the man wrapped in the legendary cloth must have been crucified in a Y-shape position, pictured right

The scientists set out to find whether the 'bloodstains' on the Turin Shroud flow of blood from a crucified person. By safely simulating different positions of crucifixion they worked out that the man wrapped in the legendary cloth must have been crucified in a Y-shape position, pictured right.

Here is the video of the test:       

Read more: 

Does it make a difference how the Messiah was executed?

Absolutely... the truth sets you free of false, established paradigms that would have you believe there is salvation in a pagan Egyptian symbol - the Tau - which expressly violates the Father's 2nd commandment to NOT worship false images. Given Roman Catholicism's obsession with pagan worship - particularly Egyptian - it is not surprising it would adopt and sell an instrument of death for salvation.