Common sense tells me that no matter how many billions of years it may take, it is entirely incomprehensible how a very, very slow process of development of any organism would "know" to develop for example a brain, heart or an eye - the incredibly highly complex system of eyesight is far too intrinsic to have developed by "chance" and much less create two simultaneously and equidistant apart.  Predators or the environment would have killed it off well before its full development.  Furthermore, how did the predator itself survive while it supposedly took millions or billions of years to have the ability of see without being annihilated by the environment?  Same thing for the highly complicated arterial, digestive, or nervous system - what part of the system started first?  How did something move without a developed nervous system?  How did it feed itself if there was no developed digestive system?  How many failed starts were there to get to that point?  Where is the fossil record evidence of parts of these systems in development?  How is it that these miraculous (no pun intended) functions took place with  almost every living organism on earth?  Essentially with 2 eyes, 2 ears, 2 "arms", 2 "legs", etc. regardless if we branched from the one same amoeba?  How did it "know" to create male and female counterparts to reproduce?

The fact is there never was evolution - its a miserably failed theory that falls flat on every conceivable level.  It is a failed religious belief academics try to force down on everyone.  No one celled amoeba has ever developed into anything more than a one celled amoeba in the best laboratory conditions possible to make it happen.  The fact is it can't.  There has never been witnessed in ALL recorded history the development of a rhino developing into an elephant, a bird into a fish, a ram into a dog, etc.  It just doesn't happen. The fact is the fossil record shows creatures in full development - there are no transitional animals, no missing links. Nothing.  The hard evidence shows living organisms were created "overnight" in full form according to their species and that's precisely how God of the Bible describes their emergence on earth. Once you investigate and weigh the evidence revealed to you, you will realize how the "religion" of evolution is absolutely ridiculous.

Uniformitarian Principle of Radioactive Decay Disproven


Evolution Scientifically Debunked