The Sin Checklist 

Take a good look at the SIN Checklist below - are you guilty of committing any or several of them?  If you are,STOP DOING THEM. This is what's called "Repentance".  Your in complete control of your actions - no one else. You can shut off at any time the wrong you're doing but only if you are willing to.  The question is, how strong is your will?  It takes a person of great will, integrity and principle to be righteous - the type of person that Elohim will permit into the Kingdom. On the other hand, a person of weak will, fortitude, morality and values is easy prey for the Evil One and rejected by the Messiah on Judgment Day.

God is not "politically correct".  The liberal mantra today is to do what is evil in the eyes of Elohim.  Contrary to the claim that "God forgives all", below is the cold-hard scriptural truth of those sins that keep one from entering the Kingdom of Heaven UNLESS repentance is made. Unrepentant sinners will be Hell-bound. 
If you think the Messiah will give you an automatic pass anyway, He won't - scripture states this very clearly.

If you truly believe in the Word of God...

Consider very well what you are doing and not doing to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.
  Your fate is literally in your hands.

                          Hell Bound:                                                  Heaven Bound:

 - Those who do NOT keep the Law of God
-  Those who do not have their names 
in the book of life (Rev. 20:15)
-  The antichrist and false prophet 
   (Rev. 19:20).
-  Satan (Rev. 20:10).
-  Those who have the Mark of the Beast 
    (Rev. 14:11)
-  Those who are not Biblically born again 
    (John. 3:3-7).
-  Those who didn't forgive others who           
    sinned against them (Matt 6:14,15; 18:22-
-   Those who blaspheme the Holy Spirit 
     (Mark 3:29,Luke 12:10) 
-   Sexually Immoral (Leviticus 18:22, 20:13,
     20:16, 1 Timothy 1:10, Rev. 21:8)

-   Lawless (
Matt 7:21-23, 1 John 3:4)
-   Cowardly ( Rev. 21:8)
-   Unbelieving 
(Rev. 21:8)
-   Vile 
-   Killers of their mothers and fathers
(1 Tim. 1:10, Rev: 21:18, 22:15, 1 John 
-   Murderers (1 Tim. 1:10, 
1 John 
    3:15, Rev 21:8, 22:15)
-   Practitioners of magic arts 
( Rev. 21:8)
-   Worship idols 
( Rev. 21:8)
-   Liars 
( Rev. 21:8)
-   Haters of a brother or sister (1 John 3:15)
-   Adulterers
-   Thieves
-   Greedy
-   Drunkards
-   Slanderers

-   Those who are not Biblically born again  

     (John. 3:3-7).

What Defiles a Man

21"For from within, out of the heart of men, proceed the evil thoughts, fornications, thefts, murders, adulteries, 22
“Greed, wickedness, deceit, harlotry, an evil eye, blasphemy, boasting, senselessness.”
 23"All these evil things proceed from within and defile the man."  Mark 7:22

-   Those who begin with Jesus, but don't 
     remain in Him because they afterwards 
     believed and accepted a wrong plan of 
     salvation (1 John. 2:24,25; 2 John. 9;).

Editor's Note: The last entry should serve as strong notice to all those followed the Messiah's commandments and then chose to follow the lawless heresy of the Pharisee Sha'ul (Paul) 

-  You must be born again (John 3:1-3)

-  You must keep the Law (i.e.,  
   Commandments / Word / Torah) of God 
   (Deut 4:2, 6:17, Matthew 7:21-23, James 

   1 Timothy 1:9, Rev. 1:1-2, 1:9, 6:9, 12:17, 
   14-12, 20:4).

-  You must keep testimony/witness of 
   the Messiah ( Matt 7:21-23, Rev. 1:1-2,
   1:9, 6:9, 12:17, 14-12, Rev. 20:4 )

-  Those who forgive others (Matt 6:12;14-15,
    Luke 6:37, 17:3-4

-  Those who repent of sin (behavior in the 
    left column).
    Ezekiel 3:19, 18:30, 33:9, 33:12, Hosea 
    6:11, 14:2, Jeremiah 36:3, Psalm 4:4, Luke 
    17:3-4, Rev 2:16


Scared Straight to Heaven

Have you ever heard of the documentary, "Scared Straight"?  It involves taking troubled juveniles into jails where hardened criminals and "lifers" tell them what life is like there - it is so intense many of these youths are literally shaken to the core and most straighten out their evil ways.

Immediately below are videos of people who have had extraordinary experiences where they have seen what hell and heaven are like.  Take the time to view them - you may well find yourself making adjustments in your way of life to correct your sinning and Lawless (Torah-less) lifestyle so that you may hopefully be found worthy to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

Below is the full length version of the incredible true-life story of a man declared dead for 3 days and after coming back to life, gives the profound account of what he saw and the experience from a near death experience of a 15 year old boy. These particular videos were particularly selected because the experiences these individuals encountered sound genuine and because there is no profit sought in telling their stories which should always be a warning sign from those that do.

Testimony of Heaven and Hell by Nigerian Pastor                 15 Year Old Recounts Vision of Heaven and Hell


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